WW II Dodge 1-1/2 Ton

Standard, original style cab tops are made of 18oz./square yard canvas with the correct milspec water and mildew resistant finish.  Original style seats are made of 14oz./square yard canvas with the correct milspec water and mildew resistant finish for seats.

WC 62/63 G507



Original style with 4 leather straps for attachment to cargo cover, turnbutton eyelets at front edge for attachment to windshield frame. If your truck has ring mounts already in place, we can make your cabtop with the ring mount adaptation listed in **Other Accessories** 


Cargo Cover

Original style, with leather buckle pads, buckles for leather straps, hand spliced manila side ropes, leather reinforcements at corners & canvas bow reinforcements on inside.


End Curtain

Original style, includes rope to lace on front or rear bow.




Set of 4 Seat Covers

4 piece set, original style covers with hardware for attachment.            

 ** IN STOCK **



Any One Seat Cover (each)  

** IN STOCK **



Hip Pad Covers

Set of 4 hip pad covers with female snaps installed or sent along uninstalled. Please specify when ordering.           

** IN STOCK **



Hip Pad Cover Padding

Polyester padding to go under covers.




Cargo Rollup Straps, Leather

Set of 10


Cargo Rollup Straps, Webbing

Set of 10


Pioneer Tool Straps

Set of 3 cotton webbing straps with WWII style buckles.                    

 ** IN STOCK **


Fuel Can Strap

Two piece strap with attachment rivets included, has folding jaw type of buckle.     

** IN STOCK **


Cargo Safety Straps

Cargo Safety Straps, Re-Web your hardware.



Tailgate Chain Covers (pair)

** IN STOCK **


Troop Seat Chain Covers


** IN STOCK **


WC 3/4 & 1-1/2 Ton Transmission Draft Pad, Leather

Die stamped leather, original thickness. Chocolate brown, available in winch and non winch designs.

** IN STOCK **



For canvas attachment at windshield, 10 required, black finish with self-tapping screw end, each.           

 ** IN STOCK **


Front Fender Welts

Canvas with closed cell rubber welting sewn in, pair.   

** IN STOCK **


Windshield Cowl Seal

Canvas with sewn in welting. ** IN STOCK **


Winch Cover

Canvas with 2 straps to secure, covers winch spool and cable.    

** IN STOCK **


Windshield Cover



Ring Mount Adaptation

Ring mount adaptation to cabtop, please specify when ordering.


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