G508 WWII GMC 2-1/2 TON

"Here is a picture of my 1945 GMC CCKW I promised. With your cab back canvas, all new straps attached to the fuel cans, running boards and pioneer rack. Everything fit great, and the workmanship was excellent. Thanks for getting it to me on short notice. And yes the gun mount and machine gun are new to the truck." Colin Britton


Bill Wolff, Owner of: CCKW Truck with Cab Canvas/Seats and Ben Hur Trailer with Cargo Tarpaulin


Bill Wolff, Owner of: CCKW Truck with Cab Canvas/Seats and Ben Hur Trailer with Cargo Tarpaulin



Cab Top (open cab CCKW) US Style

American style cabtop designed to be used with metal braces (not included) between bow and windshield frame (over doorways); canvas weatherstrips for bottom of these braces are included; top has rollup straps at front and tie down rope at back; will work without metal braces, without doors.



Cab Top (open cab CCKW) European Style/Norwegian Style Cabtop

has more material over doorways and is less fitted at front corners so it may work better than the American style if you don’t have the metal braces that go between bow and windshield frame; does not have rollup straps at the front; does have tie down rope at the back.


Cab Back (open cab CCKW)

Screws to the top of rear bow and wraps around the rear corners of the cab; has flat metal battens sewn in to front of sides like the original; has no window; has rollup straps at the top and tie down rope on the inside bottom.


Cab Back (open cab CCKW)

Non-original.  Like the original one, above, but with sewn in plastic window or window style you specify.



Cargo Cover

Please specify whether ordering for a long or short wheel base; includes all tie down ropes in natural manila, hand-spliced where applicable, leather corner reinforcements, leather buckle pads on outside, stenciled “FRONT” at top center of front edge.   

Short Wheel Base $799.00

Long Wheel Base $850.00

End Curtain

Original style, includes manila tie down rope and flap window.



Door Frames Recovered

Your door frames recovered like the originals; no hardware included (frames, hinges, or latches); doors folds in half for storage.




Seat Covers for Open Cab

Set of four pieces; seat bottoms have grommets and drawstring, seat backs have drawstring and top welt.



Any one open cab seat cover

Same covers as above.



Seat Covers for Closed Cab

Pair of covers for bench seat; spring clips are included for installation.



Any one closed cab seat cover, with spring clips

Same as above.



Leather Rollup Straps for Cargo Cover

10 leather straps with attachment rivets for you to attach to the brackets on your bow corners.


Webbing Rollup Straps

10 straps, same as above, but in cotton webbing instead of leather.


Pioneer Tool Rack Straps

Set of 3 cotton webbing straps to secure axe, mattock, and shovel to the standard pioneer tool rack.

** IN STOCK **


Fuel Can Strap

Your choice of 1 or 2 piece strap with WWII style buckle; secures jerry can to carrier.

** IN STOCK **


Cargo Safety Straps

Cargo Safety Straps, Re-Web your hardware.

$60.00 each


Winch Cover

Flat piece of canvas with two straps & buckles sewn on to secure it around the winch spool.

** IN STOCK **


Bill Wolff, Owner of:

CCKW Truck with Cab Canvas/Seats and Ben Hur Trailer with Cargo Tarpaulin