CJ3A and CJ3B


This 1950 CJ3A, known as "Eugene" by owner and photographer Jonathan George, is wearing the original style, complete 7-piece enclosure. For a look at Eugene's restoration, and more information about all things CJ3A, visit: www.cj-3a.com

The following is our list of canvas and webbing items for the ¼ ton Willys CJ3A & CJ3B jeep. The olive drab canvas is the same 18 oz/square yard canvas that we use for the military jeep tops we make. The military canvas is very durable and is treated for water and mildew resistance. The seat canvas is 14 oz/square yard. Also available are: several types of modern synthetic canvas and leatherette seat vinyl.


Details and designs are the same as the originals, with a few improvements as noted. Hardware is black finish, sewing thread is polyester, and zippers are brass.


The pricing below is for an enclosure with sewn in windows or window vinyl and split rivets provided in kit form for you to install using your original metal window frames. If you have the original metal window frames and want us to install them, add $28 for each window ($138 for the complete enclosure).


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Complete Original Style 7 Piece Top

Same as the original style top, covers the entire jeep or just the front “cab” portion; does not include any bows or rods or door frames; you need to send your door frames since they will be sewn into the canvas cover. All straps, zippers, turnbuttons are installed. We can do small (early) or large (late) size windows.


$1510.00 ea

Front cab roof

Original design, attaches to windshield and front bow; you will need to have one bow and the horizontal rods over the doorways to fit this top.


$495.00 ea

Front or Rear End Curtain

Original design; same curtain is used for front or rear positions (one curtain is included in 7 piece complete enclosure)


$160.00 ea

Door Covers

Hand hole in driver’s door is optional. You need to send us your door frames since they are sewn into the canvas cover.


$310.00 pair

Front Enclosure or Half Cab

Includes the above 4 pieces that enclose the cab portion of the jeep, leaving the rear cargo area uncovered; rear pieces can be added later for a full enclosure.



Rear Roof Section

Covers the rear section of the jeep; must be used in conjunction with the front cab roof (zippers connect the two roof sections); you will need to have the second bow and two rear side horizontal rods to fit this top.



Side Curtains

Original design; attach to front cab with zippers and to rear roof section with turnbuttons; two straps on inside secure the bottom edges to the tub.


$195.00 pAIR


Canvas Seat Covers

Complete set of 6 seat covers in canvas, covers your original springs or foam.  



Leatherette Vinyl Seat Covers

Complete set of 6 seat covers leatherette vinyl, covers your original springs or foam.



Canvas Front Seat Covers

Four piece seat cover set in canvas for front 2 seats only.              




Leatherette Vinyl Front Seat Covers

Four piece seat cover set in Leatherette Vinyl for front 2 seats only.



Seat Installation Hardware

Enough black finish slotted oval head screws and finishing washers for a complete set of seat covers or cushions.




Canvas Seat Cushions Set

Non-original item; set of 6 seat cushions with foam fill sewn in; ready to attach to your seat frames, you do need seat pans for the front seat bottoms or we can supply a template so you can make them from plywood; 3” thick seat bottom cushions, 2” thick seat back cushions are standard, can make thicker or thinner cushions on request.



Leatherette Vinyl Seat Cushion Set

Same as above, except made of Leatherette vinyl.



Canvas Front Seat Cushion Set

Set of 4 cushions made of canvas for the 2 front seats only.



Leatherette Vinyl Front Seat Cushion Set

Same as above except made of Leatherette vinyl.



Metal Reproduction Seat Pans

2 required per vehicle, each.  **IN STOCK**


$55.00 ea


Windshield Strap

Cotton webbing strap with sliding jaw buckle attaches to footman loop on grille.



CJ 3A Bow and Rod Set

Complete, unpainted.  (Pictured painted per our Complete Metal Hardware Painting listed below.)


CJ 3A Door Frames

Reproduction, pair, unpainted.


CJ 3A Door Escutcheon

Metal reproduction Door Escutcheon, unpainted. Fit CJ 2A, CJ 3A and CJ 3B doors. 1 required for each door.

$14.00 EA

CJ 3A Door Handle/Latch

2 piece door handle/latch, unpainted, fit CJ 2A, CJ 3A and CJ 3B doors. 1 required per door.

$18.00 EA

CJ 3A Lower Door Socket

Lower door socket, unpainted, fit both CJ 2A and CJ 3A jeeps. 2 required to add doors to jeep enclosure.


CJ 3A Striker Plates



Complete Metal Hardware Painting

Painting of these raw parts is available upon request. Prices listed below are for metal prep, priming and black paint.

Bows Rods and 2 door frames  $300.00

2 door frames only                     $75.00


Tailgate Chain Covers

Canvas sleeves to cover tailgate chains, can be made in canvas to match tops.

$18.00 Pair

Hoodwelt Kit

Brown colored cotton welting and split rivets.


Windshield Cover

Non-original item; similar to those used on WWII jeeps to cover windshield when folded down.


Seat Back Packs

Non-original item; made from seat cover materials; attach to rear of front seat back frames using the same hardware as the seat covers; provide storage for small items such as motor oil, sunglasses, manuals, maps, etc.