M35 Series



Late style, reinforced for rod support.


Cargo Cover

For 12' bed, standard canvas reinforcements at corners, black nylon or manilla ropes installed (please state preference).


End Curtain

Original style with flap window, manilla or black nylon rope included to lace on front or rear bow.




Set of 4 Seat Covers

New style driver's seat (spring or "air ride" seat).



Set of 4 Seat Covers

Early style driver's seat (smaller than above).



Any One Seat Cover

Same as above, single cushion only.




Fuel Can Strap

1 or 2 piece strap, please state preference.  2 piece strap includes rivets for installation on bracket.


Pioneer Tool Straps

Set of 3 straps to fasten tools onto the cargo box.


Cargo Roll-up Straps

Set of 10 cotton webbing straps, rivet to bracket attached to bow to hold cargo cover sides when rolled up. Also available in leather.

Cotton: $65.00   Leather: $75.00

Bow Stowage Straps

Set of 2 straps to fasten bows to cargo box when cargo cover is off and bows are stowed.


cargo safety Straps

Cargo Safety Straps, Re-Web your hardware.

$60.00 each


Winch Cover

Can be made with 1 inch or 1.5 inch webbing sewn onto the canvas.


Tail Gate Chain Covers

Pair of canvas sleeves to cover tailgate chains.  Can be made longer than standard size.  See picture below.


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