M37 Dodge
M37 Dodge

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M37 Dodge
M37 Dodge

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M37 Dodge
M37 Dodge

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M37, M42, M43 Dodge


This M37 is shown with canvas cargo cover, tailgate chain covers and cab top. Pioneer tool rack straps shown on tailgate rack. Owned and restored by Ryan Gronevelt, resides in New Prague, MN.

The following is our list of canvas and webbing items for the ¾ ton M-series Dodges.  We use 18 oz/square yard canvas with the correct milspec water and mildew resistant finish for tops and 14 oz/square yard for seat covers (different finish for tops and seats).  Details and designs are the same as the originals, with a few improvements as noted.  Hardware is black finish, sewing thread is polyester, zippers are brass, tie down ropes are your choice of manila or black polypropylene (if you don’t specify, we send manila).


Colors available for tops are: olive drab (original color, 34087) in Mil-spec canvas.  Tops can also be made in several colors of modern, synthetic canvas or Coverlight Vinyl. 

We make seat covers in the original olive drab canvas, black, gray or brown leatherette vinyl.  We can make seat covers, and tops, in non-milspec fabrics (Coverlight vinyl, Sunbrella, etc.).


Most items are "make to order", many standard items such as seat covers and straps are now in stock.  Please call or write for canvas samples or more information.


Cabtop (M37 & M42)

Same as original except for the improvement of stainless steel “clips” over the side windows (originals were painted mild steel); window flap in rear is zippered and may be rolled up for ventilation and visibility, does not include cabtop straps.



Cargo Cover (M37 & M42)

Complete with buckles for side rollup, does not include rollup straps which attach to bow corners, or end curtains which attach to end bows.



Pole Flaps

Add Ridge Pole Flaps (2) to Cargo Cover to reduce "flapping" when driving the vehicle, non-original



End Curtain

Attach to end bow with rope (included), 2 originally used to completely enclose cargo bed.



M42 Rear Curtain

Replaces rear M37 end curtain for M42 command truck; as original, with full length center zipper.



M42 Front Curtain

Replaces front end curtain for M42 command truck; with sew in clear window and canvas black out flap, both flap and window open.



M42 Side Curtain

2 required, attach to sides of bows under standard M37 cargo cover, same as original except clear plastic windows are not removable.


$385.00 ea


Seat Covers (M37 & M42)

Set of 4; grommets in hem for lace-on installation.



Front Seat Covers (M43)  

Set of 4; grommets in hem for lace-on installation.



M43 Rear Seat Bottom Covers

6 pieces set with snap closures, canvas.



M43 Rear Seat Back Covers

2 pieces with snaps, canvas.



M43 Rear Seat/Step Cover

1 piece with grommets for attachment.


M43 Blackout Curtains

2 required for rear doors, 1 required for partition door, complete with rollup straps and female curtain fasteners; includes stainless steel metal battens.

$52.00 per curtain

M37 Troop Seat Cushions

Non-original 2” thick cushions for wooden troops seats in cargo bed; specify short (62”) or long (72”), attaches to seats with sewn on straps.


$150.00 per cushion

Troop Seat Back Cushions

Original pattern provides padding for seat back, attaches with straps.


$90.00 per cushion


Cabtop Straps

Required to support the cabtop roof, they go from windshield to cab bow and go through loops sewn to underside of cabtop roof.

** IN STOCK **

$57.50 per pair

Cargo Rollup Straps

Set of 6, includes rivets, they attach to your bow corners and, with the buckles on the cargo cover, secure the cargo cover sides when rolled up.  Cotton webbing/leather.

Cotton Webbing: $43.00    Leather: $57.50

Bow Stowage Straps

Attach to the large metal loops on the front sides of the M37 cargo bed and secure the cargo bows when stowed.


Fuel Can Strap

One or two piece strap (specify) to secure fuel can in carrier on right front fender; original was 2 piece but must be riveted (rivets supplied), 1 piece is easier to install and can be removed from carrier.

** IN STOCK **


Pioneer Tool Rack Straps

Set of 3; secure axe, shovel and mattock to pioneer tool rack mounted on M37 tailgate.

** IN STOCK **

$30.00 per set of 3

cargo safety straps

Cargo Safety Straps, Re-Web  your hardware.

$60.00 per strap


Tailgate Chain Covers

Canvas sleeves to cover tailgate chains, can be made in canvas to match tops.

$18.00 Pair

First Aid Kit or fire extinguisher  Strap

Mounts to side of passenger seat box inside cab to secure first aid kit or fire extinguisher.

$16.50 each

Winch Spool Cover

Non-original, covers cable spool only, flat piece of canvas with 2 straps with buckles sewn on to secure.

** IN STOCK **


Tire Cover

Non-original, covers spare tire on door or in cargo bed, for 9.00x16” military tire.


Storage Pouch

2 can be used, non-original, mounts in front of passenger seat box in cab, has welt which sandwiches between seat cushion board and top of box so no modification to truck is necessary for installation; provides storage for small items, manuals, sunglasses, etc.  

$52.00 each