This M135 is owned by Gerald McDonald of Corning NY. The cab canvas, seats, and cargo canvas were all made by New Life Canvas.

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This M135 is owned by Gerald McDonald of Corning NY. The cab canvas, seats, and cargo canvas were all made by New Life Canvas.

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M135 & M211 2-1/2 Ton Trucks

Following is our list of canvas and webbing items for the M135 & M211 2 & 1/2 Ton trucks.

We use 18 oz square yard canvas with the correct military spec. for water and mildew resistant finish for tops and seat covers (different finish for tops and seats). Details and designs are the same as the originals. Hardware is black finish, sewing thread is polyester, zippers are brass, tie down ropes are your choice of manila or black polypropylene (if you don’t specify, we send manila).

Standard tops are available in olive drab canvas (34087), no military spec. vinyl currently available.


We make tops and seat covers in the original olive drab as well as other non-mil. spec fabrics. Please call for samples and prices for special order fabrics.


Cab Roof

Same as original; complete with tie down ropes (3). 


Cab Back

Same as original except we use stainless steel battens in front edges of sides rather than mild steel; complete with fold-down window and tie down rope; secures to top bow with sheet metal screws (not included).


Cargo Cover

For 12 foot cargo bed on dual wheel trucks; original style complete with rollup buckles for sides and all tie down ropes. Available with canvas or leather buckle pads.



End Curtain

Each; original style with flap window and rope to lace it on to the end bow; 2 required to complete the cargo box.



Seat Covers

Set of 4; original style; seat bottoms have grommets and cord to lace on to spring assemblies; driver’s seat back slips over seat frame; passenger’s seat back envelopes padding and attaches to seat frame with the welt at top.



Any one Seat Cover

Same as above.


$67.00 ea


Cargo Rollup Straps

Set of 10; attach to your bow corners with slotted metal swivel plate (not supplied); rivets included; these straps enable you to roll the sides of the cargo cover up, they secure to the buckles on the cargo cover.  Webbing/leather.

Webbing: $75.00  Leather: $100.00

Fuel Can Strap

2 piece strap attaches to the fuel can carrier using rivets (supplied) and secure the fuel can.


Paulin Hooks straps for Cab Roof Rollup

Set of 3 webbing straps with paulin hooks to attach inside cab above windshield so cab roof canvas can be secured in rolled forward position (d-rings are on cab roof).


Boarding Ladder Straps

Set of 4 straps to secure troop boarding ladder. 


Pioneer Tool Rack Straps

Set of 3 cotton webbing straps.


cargo safety Straps

Cargo Safety Straps, Re-Web your hardware.

$60.00 each


Tailgate Chain Covers

Pair of canvas sleeves to go over chains to prevent rattling and damage to paint.


Winch Spool Cover

Non-original item; covers cable spool portion of Garwood 10,000 lb. winch; secures with 2 sewn on straps. Webbing & buckles available in 1” or 1 ½” widths.