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Welcome to New Life Canvas

Dear New Life Canvas Customers,

Many of you have asked about my daughter, Rhiannon, and how she is doing now.  Many have included her in their thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!  We feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of people, many of whom we are honored to call friends!  To update, after many surgeries, and a long recovery, Rhiannon has been able to complete high school, and is pursuing a career in health care!  She will be able to reach her goal of becoming a paramedic this year! 


Here in the shop, we are stitching just as quickly as we can to keep up with the incoming orders!  Even though we have been very busy, we have decided that 10 years (the last time I attended a show) is too long to not see our customers face to face, and we have booked a spot at the MVPA Convention in South Bend, Indiana in August.  We hope to see you there!


Thank you for stopping in!

Mona Kennelly

July 7, 2021

Looking for an interesting place to take your military vehicle camping?


Miles of overland trails wind through scenic coniferous and hardwood forests along the beautiful Crow Wing and Shell rivers.  There are many more miles of interesting logging trails for additional riding pleasure.  Fords and bridges cross the water at various points, adding to the scenic beauty and intrigue of the area.  12 public campsites are located at convenient intervals along the river.  All are scenic and wooded with plenty of room for hiking, bird watching and exploring.  Each has fresh water, toilet facilities, picnic tables and fireplaces.  Canoe and kayaks as well as camping equipment are available for rental.  A private campground on the Crow Wing River is available for larger events. For more information, visit Huntersville Canoe Outfitters.