Trailer Covers



Trailer covers are made from 18 oz canvas finished to military specs. for water and mildew resistance. We use bonded polyester thread, corners are reinforced with a second layer of canvas. Black finished brass grommets are set in the reinforced hems and manila ropes are installed. 1/4 ton trailer covers are made with the correct, double felled seam down the center.


1/4 Ton Trailer



2 tie downs per side, no tailgate, uses the same cover as the MBT.


This M100 Trailer with cover is owned by Judson Goodwin of Nova Scotia, Canada.

M100 Trailer with Cover



Slightly larger than the M100.



Most commonly used with WWII jeeps. Uses the same cover as the M100. 

Bantam T3C

Civilian trailer, only one tie down on each side.

one ton trailers  

G518 Ben Hur

We pay special attention to all the details on this cover! Leather buckle pads and straps correctly secure the end curtains to the cover sides. We use special, chrome oil tanned leather so that tanning agents do not stain the canvas if the top gets wet. We splice all the manila ropes (all 16 of them!) onto the cover by hand. We have added additional length to these ropes to make cover tie-down more secure and convenient. Please take a look at the write up by Bill Wolff on his CCKW web page:


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