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Universal Rifle Case, this is the rifle case used in the G503 jeeps

Pattern based on 2 original covers, constructed our of our same durable 18 oz OD canvas as our tops, complete with leather reinforcements for cradle. Original part number 0-78296. 

Universal Rifle Case Universal Rifle Case Universal Rifle Case


Stretcher Cover

Cover Only to install on your poles. Click on any of these images for a full gallery of photos to preview.

Stretcher-Cover Stretcher-Cover Stretcher-Cover



CJ 2A, CJ 3A & CJ 3B Jeeps.

We are now carrying the complete metal frame work to support your canvas enclosure. Bows and rods are sold in complete sets for each jeep. These sets are in stock and available now.


CJ 2A Bow and Rod Set

CJ2A Bow and Rod Set, this set shown painted. Complete, unpainted.


CJ 2A Door Frames

Reproduction, pair, unpainted.


CJ 3A Bow and Rod Set

CJ 3A Bow and Rod Set Complete, unpainted.  (Pictured painted per our Complete Metal Hardware Painting, see below)


CJ 3A Door Frames

Reproduction, pair, unpainted. In Stock.                    

CJ 2A/3A Door Escutcheon

Door Escutcheons Metal reproduction Door Escutcheon, unpainted. Fit CJ 2A, CJ 3A and CJ 3B doors. 1 required for each door.

$14.00 / each

CJ 2A/3A Door Handle/Latch

Striker Plates 2 piece door handle/latch, unpainted, fit CJ 2A, CJ 3A and CJ 3B doors. 1 required per door.

$18.00 / each

CJ 2A/3A Lower Door Socket

Lower door socket, unpainted, fit both CJ 2A and CJ 3A jeeps. 2 required to add doors to jeep enclosure.           

CJ 2A/3A/3B Striker Plates

Striker Plates Pair.


Complete Metal Hardware Painting       

Painting of these raw parts is available upon request. Prices listed below are for metal prep, priming and black paint.

Includes Bows, Rods and 2 Door Frames $225.00
Door Frames (2) only $50.00