M38 & M38A1 Willys G740 & G758


M38A1 with full winter enclosure

M38A1 with full winter enclosure





Original Style Winter Top

Includes all reinforcements, flaps, and straps to accept side curtains and doors for a full winter enclosure; specify M38 or M38A1; we usually use early buckles (sliding jaw) on the M38 and late buckles (spring loaded) on the M38A1, but you can specify your preference; does not include side curtains or door covers.

Summer Top

Non-original design since it does not have fasteners and flaps for side curtain and door attachment; otherwise looks very similar to an original top and made just as strong with the same weight of canvas.

Side Curtains

Pair; original style, can be made with the same buckles as on the winter top, will not attach to the summer top.
$160.00 / pair

Door Covers

Pair; original style, removes to allow you to fold your door for storage, attach with flaps & turnbuttons (installed), metal door frame not included.

Sewn On Door Covers

Pair, send us your door frames with door handles removed; cover is non-removable but good for non-folding door frames.



Seat Covers

Set of 6 original style covers to recover your springs or foam inserts; covers 2 front  seats and 1 rear seat.



Front Seat Covers

Set of 4 original style covers to recover your front seat springs or foam inserts. (no back seat).



Rear Seat Covers

Set of 2 original style covers to recover your rear seat springs or foam inserts.



Rubberized Hairpad

Used to cover original springs, takes the place of horse hair front seat pieces/ rear seat pieces.

Deck Padding

Polyester padding to use over rubberized hairpad when covering original springs.  Gives the padding a smoother, softer finish under the canvas cover. 

Seat Cushions

Non-original design; set of 6 cushions to re-upholster your jeep if you have no springs or other padding suitable for recovering with the original style seat covers; foam padding is sewn into canvas covers; requires seat pan for front seat bottoms, otherwise only seat frames are required.

Front Seat Cushions

Set of 4 cushions for front seats only (no back seat).

Any Single Seat Cushion


Seat Installation Hardware

Enough slotted oval headed sheet metal screws to install a full set of seat covers or seat cushions; we can sell a ½ set if you don’t have a back seat. **IN STOCK**


Metal Reproduction Seat Pans

2 required per vehicle, each.  **IN STOCK**

Seat Pan: Under side. Seat Pan: Nut for attaching to seat frame. Seat Pan: Top side. Seat Pan: Close up to show detail.




10 Piece Strap Set

Set of all 10 straps for M38 or M38A1; includes windshield, axe, shovel, top bow (2), top stowage (4), and fuel can straps; again, we usually use the early style buckles for M38 and late style for M38A1, and we usually include a 2 piece fuel can strap with rivets; please specify if you want otherwise.



Individual Straps

Any individual strap listed above, except the fuel can strap.

Fuel Can Strap

One or two piece strap to secure fuel can in its holder on rear of jeep; 2 piece strap includes rivets.





Hoodwelt Kit

New manufacture asphalt coated cotton welting (brown in color) for front grille to cushion hood in closed position; for M38A1 windshield bumper welting is also included; split rivets included for installation.



Seat Back Packs 

Pair, non-original design but military look “backpacks” secure to back of front seat frames using same hardware as seat covers; 2 large pouches and 2 small pockets for stowing small items: maps, sunglasses, tools, manuals, engine oil, lunch, camera, etc.; also available for one side only, but specify which side since they are not the same.



Seat Back Packs Seat Back Packs Seat Back Packs Seat Back Packs


Winch Spool Cover

Non-original, covers cable spool on Ramsey 50 winch, secures with 2 sewn on straps.

Wheelhouse Cushions

Pair,Non-original design for M38A1, patterned after original style M170 wheelhouse cushions, 1 may be used on each wheel well to provide seating; cushion attaches with screws & finishing washers to lip of tub (small holes in tub required).

Windshield Cover

Non-original for these vehicles but patterned after the WWII jeep windshield cover, covers windshield in folded down position and closes with snaps; protects windshield and provides storage for small items inside.

Spare Tire Cover

Non-original; covers 7.00x16” military style tire on rear of jeep.

Latch Plates

Reproduction. With side curtain purchase.

$17.00 / pair
Without side curtain purchase. $22.00